About Vero Reading Garden

Our Mission and Founder


Garden’s Concept

Reading and writing is our focus for children grades Pre-K through 3rd grade.  Private and group tutoring sessions available.  The Vero Reading Garden gives children the tools necessary to tap into that natural desire.  Whether your child is struggling with reading, or you simply want to keep your child challenged, Vero Reading Garden can guide your child towards managing those challenges and teachable moments.  Phonics is not the core of reading, but rather a component.  Here at Vero Reading Garden, the focus is on the child.  While focusing on each child’s interests, reading and writing is taught. The main components are phonological awareness, concepts of print, phonics, comprehension, word work, syllable segmentation, and much more!  A holistic approach is used that is both developmentally appropriate and interesting to the child.  You will be amazed at your child’s growth and eagerness to improve. Vero Reading Garden is a place where both parents and children delight!

Heather Reeb, Founder + Director

Heather Reeb | Program Director

Ms. Reeb, program director and founder of Vero Reading Garden is an early childhood educator who is state certified and holds a Master’s degree in Education.  With over 20 years of private tutoring experience, you can be sure that your child is getting the best support that every early reader needs.

Julie Dossantos, Teacher

Julie Dossantos | Teacher

Julie Dossantos enjoys teaching and serving as grade co-chair at Glendale Elementary School  in Vero Beach. Julie feels grateful to have the opportunity to “help the rest” as the website/social media coordinator for her school as well.  Julie graduated from Florida State College at Jacksonville and is a National Geographic Certified Educator candidate.  She was named Glendale’s Teacher of the Year and was also a School District Teacher of the Year finalist.  Seeing others work hard to reach their goals gives her great joy!